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its terribly freighting. think about this. does this sound like you or perhaps a family member? has it become increasingly difficult to remember what you've just read, or perhaps you now struggle to follow a conversation or retain the sunday sermon you used to look forward to all week? how about being confused while driving- forgetting directions someone gave you, forgetting where you're going, or even worse... forgetting how to get home? imagine that? well if you're experiencing more than your share of mental confusion and frustration., then today's show is for you. medical science can correct many of the challenges of old age -from synthetic joints to improving mobility to prescription glasses to instantly correct age-related vision loss - but when our mind and memory begin to fail, many people wonder what can modern science do? is it even possible for an age-ravaged brain to be brought back to 'normal again?' today,
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we'll learn about an amazing technological breakthrough that may do for the brain what prescription glasses do for the eyes. it's a brain-boosting memory pill that may make tired, old brains feel young again. my guest today, is a gifted head and neck cancer surgeon, he's a phd of psychologist as well. he is an expert on the brain, and knows firsthand about this remarkable life-changing development that's giving people back their independence. welcome, america's brain doctor, dr. paul nemiroff. it is a pleasure to have you here today. >>thank you, patrice. and thank you for the invitation. you know i'm always excited to have an opportunity to speak with people about this important breakthrough in helping to reversing memory loss. >so, doctor, tell us your story. how did you learn about this amazing development? >>you know i became aware of this a number of years ago, and i was working like a crazy 80 hours a week, doing surgery's, a family, running around doing all sorts of things i was exhausted. and i started to wonder, am i
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starting to lose it mentally with respect to my memory. things weren't sticking like they did before. >uh... is that a medical term? sticking? >>no, its not a medical term but it's accurate and i thought to myself was i somehow not as mentally efficient? had i burnt out some circuitry? i was really concerned because you know my brain is what i use everyday. and i did what i've done throughout my career. i began researching the literature to see what, if anything, was available... i looked for something to wake up my brain and re-energize my memory. >so what did you find? >>well one day during my research i came across an intresting article, fascinating article in a medical journal about a drug-free compound called procera avh. that consists of three ingredients designed to address the root causes of forgetfulness and poor concentration. a team of scientists identified a cluster of age-related symptoms which some people call premature mental decline. that's a term we use now. and anyone over the age of 45 or 50, 55 may recognize the
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symptoms. they can include examples like you mentioned earlier patrice, stemming from memory lapses, the inability to concentrate and stay focused, brain fog or fuzzy thinking, low mental energy and mental fatigue just to name a few. >well that sounds like so many people today. it seems that maybe this problems a little more prevalent than it was in the past. i always thought it was normal aging though? >>no, no its not normal aging its quite widespread and years for years now people just chalked it up to that, of growing older. however, as a physician, i can tell you nothing could be further from the truth. research now suggests that for many, these problems may be caused by a handful of relatively easily corrected conditions in the brain. >so, are you telling me that procera avh can help make the senior moments a thing of the past, or at least be less of a problem? because i have seen first hand confusion, pain, frustration of mental decline that seniors can feel. >>well, for many the answer may be yes patrice...
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procera avh accomplishes this in three stages. first, blood flow and oxygen to the brain can slow with age, so procera provides increased blood flow to your brain, bringing more oxygen and more vital nutrients. this is critical, these are some of the important fuels that power the brain that you need. like you know, you've gone outside before and taken a breath of fresh air on a cool day, it can help wake up and mentally energize a tired, sluggish brain. >now you use this procera avh, have you noticed the same energizing benefit that you've just mentioned? >>yes, i have! i was amazed at how my brain reacted within the first week of trying procera! it was amazing. i noticed my mental clarity was better and that my focus was much sharper. i compare it to reading an eye chart say at the optometrist's office with the right pair of glasses for the first time. everything snaps into focus, your brain feels more crisp, more focused, sharp and clear. >that's pretty amazing. >>and i quickly felt like i did when i was younger. i felt i had my mental edge back. it was that dramatic patrice.
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> you know well that's very important and very impressive. ok, so tell me exactly how does procera avh help a forgetful brain? >>one of the more brilliant aspects of the formula is how it helps the brain talk to itself... > i don't want to interrupt you now doctor, but when "i" think about it talking to it's self i'd get funny looks if i did that kind of thing. not that way? >>no, not the same thing patrice. procera improves what's called intra-brain communication by helping the little brain cells communicate with each other in a more efficient manner to do this, your brain relies on billions of tiny messenger molecules called neurotransmitters. but with age and years of stress, the brain can begin to run low on neurotransmitters. when it reaches a tipping point, your brain can begin to sputter and lose function. >scatter brained, right? >>that's correct. procera can help re-supplies your brain with memory-boosting neurotransmitters, doing this naturally which can help you think faster, learn and remember more readily and have a sharper, crisper mind. >what else does procera do? >>well, over the course of a
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lifetime, free radicals and brain pollutants can also take a toll on your brain health. once you take procera avh, it goes to work, helping to reduce those mind-dulling free radicals and toxins. it does this with a sophisticated mix of brain-specific antioxidants. >so do doctors recommend procera for their patients? >>well patrice, there are few, if any, brain health supplements, that i know of, that physicians feel comfortable recommending to their patients, much less using personally. procera avh is one of them however that people do recommend and doctors do as well. and it's a natural formula, which means it contains no drugs, which seniors will greatly appreciate, nobody wants to take another medication. and it's something that's actually beneficial for your brain and body, when taken daily. >yes, but drugs are clinically tested and supplements usually are not, right? >>you're right, and that's usually the case, but the in the case of procera avh the formula was really put through the grinder - a double blind placebo controlled clinical study. in fact, it used the same
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rigorous fda-approved cognitive function tests that are used in pharmaceutical drug trials. it worked so well that procera avh users saw a significant improvement in memory, focus, concentration, mental energy and even mood even mood in just 30 days. >wow! that is impressive. ok, but when i start taking procera how will i really know it's working? i mean there's no way to actually measure improvements in my brainpower and focus, or is there..? let's get to that next dr. nemiroff, but right now i want to give our viewers a chance to call and get more information. if you would like more information on dr. nemiroff, or your interested in how america's #1 brain health supplement, procera avh may specifically help you, then pick up the phone and call the number you see on your screen. as always, at htv we have worked out a special arrangement with our guest, so when you do call, be sure to mention htv and you'll receive a bonus free month supply of procera avh. and i've also been told, for a limited time, we have some very
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nice free gifts for those who call today and try procera avh. including a free copy of the medically acclaimed book, 20/20 brainpower, with the program dr. nemiroff recommends based upon the suggested mayo clinic guidelines for brain health and longevity. we have trained representatives standing by who can answer all of your questions. so, if you'd like some more information and your free month supply of procera avh and book, then pick up the phone now and give of us call >and if you're just tuning in.. i'm patrice king brown and you're watching htv. and my guest today is surgeon and psychologist, dr. paul nemiroff, he is america's brain doctor. the topic of today's show is memory and mental decline. now before the break dr. nemiroff we were talking about procera avh, which of course now your telling me is a stunning break through nutritional supplement not medicine, not a drug for memory that can do for the brain what prescription glasses does for the eyes.
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>>that's right, patrice. and just like a good pair of glasses can make fuzzy, out-of-focus vision, sharp and crystal-clear, for many procera avh can make a tired, sluggish, forgetful brain, feel razor sharp and alert. it's a clinically tested formula that was shown to help improve memory, focus and concentration, and even mood. and was clinically shown that it can even help people who take procera reclaim up to 15 years of lost memory and brain power in as little as 30 days. >wow! that is impressive. now before the break you were talking about measuring memory and brainpower. so, if i take procera i, can i get a measurement to prove it's working for as well? >>absolutely! in fact every person who tries procera avh receives a free brain test from brain research labs to assess and measure his or her memory and brainpower. and you take the test privately in your own home, so no ones watching to see how you do and it only takes a few minutes to complete. can even fun! and you can retake the test
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whenever you want to see that your actually getting improvements with procera and its making in your mental performance. >i've never heard of such a thing, but i do i like the idea though that you can actually measure your mental improvement, and i like the idea that you can do it in the privacy in your own home. now everywhere i go i have to ask you about this, i see people drinking those energy drinks. it seems that there doing it all the time? now, let me ask you how can procera avh make these amazing improvements in the brain with out using drugs or pharmaceutical additives? whats the secret? >>that's a great question, patrice. the researcher who developed the formula knows the human brain like the back of his hand. he knew that it was possible to make dramatic changes in the brain by combining very precise amounts of certain natural brain energy nutrients, each has a long history of safety and effectiveness around the world. in fact, as you see here, just one of the ingredients alone in procera was shown to energize a dull, tired brain in less than an hour. >wow, that is quite a difference! look it energized things lit up that aging brain looks kind of like a christmas tree its so lit
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up! >so let me try to sum this up dr. nemiroff.. procera boosts circulation to the brain, providing those fresh supplies of oxygen and nutrients you mentioned, and it increases levels of neurotransmitters. that .. what are neurotransmitters again? i'm sorry! i probably could use some procera myself today. >>that's ok, this is new information to most people you know? neurotransmitters in a medical term here are those chemical messengers in your brain responsible for memory for concentration, alertness, and even decision making, it also helps with overall thinking and processing information. >and then you talked about how the toxins in our air, in our food, in our water and we hear about them all the time how they can effect how the way the brain functions.. >>thst's correct patrice, to further help improve your mental clarity and quickness, procera can help neutralize those free radicals and dangerous brain toxins that we just cannot avoid in today's world. so it's a triple formula that has a triple action. >now a good friend of mine swears by that popular brain
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ingredient of the 90's, alot of people were taking ginkgo biloba. >>mhm > how does that stack up against procera avh? >>no comparison actually in my opinion. while ginkgo has been shown to help enhance brain circulation, more recent studies were really inconclusive. and many don't feel any difference. they don't know if its working. it simply can't hold a candle to procera's patented triple-action approach to memory improvement. >well, i will definitely pass that information on to my friend. right now, i'd like to take a few moments to share with our viewers some experiences from some people who have taken procera over time from all across the country. i have a few letters here that i'd like to share and some of the comments. okay? lets see what they have to say. some of them are health care professionals as well. you know, i have seen many people dr. nemiroff, go down hill mentally after retirment and its a very sad situation. you plan your whole life to retire and things don't work out. so we do have a story here about a retired college professor. and his name is richard, he's from seabrook, sc. and just after he retired,
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richard went into a deep funk, and he just couldn't get up the mental energy to do any of the things that he was waiting to do at this stage in his life. like so many other people. and then, thanks to his son, he discovered procera avh, and soon after taking it he felt like he awakened from a slumber. and richard writes that he started taking guitar lessons, that he took up painting, something that he never imagined he had the skills to do. and remarkably he even already has very first piece now into an art gallery! this all after retirement its a new career he was back to his old creative and productive self again. >>nice story. what seems to have happened here is that retirement may have caused his brain to go into a sort of a sluggish inertia, sluggish motion it needed some stimulation. you know the move it or lose it thing and some good brain nutrition to get it active and vibrant again. and that's just what procera does, it helps restore depleted oxygen and neurotransmitter levels getting those neurons fired up again! > boy that's good! and as you mentioned earlier
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again, in addition to stress, and aging, and toxins causing premature mental decline, there are certain medical procedures and im sure some kind of medications as well that can contribute to memory loss or to that low mental energy, and mental confusion. one woman wrote in to say that at age 50, and " you know i don't know about you but i don't think that 50 is all that old" after a medical procedure this woman tried to go back to school she wanted to get her advanced degree. now unfortunately, she could barely concentrate, and her memory and her ability to learn and retain new information she says seemed " to be gone forever." well after reading about procera avh, she decided to give it a try and that's when she wrote to us to tell us her story... with procera she could now "focus and retain information just like she could when she was 25". >>wow. >that's quite an improvement, and she says that she's not only got her advanced degree but she's very excited she also a great new job too! >>that's terrific! and we get this feedback all the time, it can also happen when women go through menopause or other hormonal changes, and
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there's also a condition called chemo-brain which can really wipe out a person's memory as well. unfortunately many popular medications like cholesterol medication, sleep allergies and others can also contribute to memory problems. you know stressful life changes like a divorce can also affect memory and accelerate mental decline. and procera can help. >wow? well here is a letter also from a commercial airline pilot who says he harnesses procera's natural mental energy to ensure mental sharpness and endurance while flying. and i don't know about you but i wanna make sure the pilots being pretty good. >>you want him sharp. >that's right you want him sharp. >the pilot wrote "many of my trips are all-nighters or 'red-eye' flights. i find that procera avh gives me greater mental clarity and endurance throughout the flight." so im happy that he never? >>i can't agree more, patrice. i think if you're especially responsible for the safety of others, procera avh can provide you with additional confidence and security that you'll be at your best. it certainly has changed lives. >i want to take a minute now and
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give our viewers a chance to call for more information. now if you'd like more information on dr. nemiroff, or are interested in how america's #1 brain health supplement, procera avh, can help improve your memory, your focus, your concentration, and even mood. please pick up the phone and call the number on your screen, and as always, at htv we've worked out a special arrangement with our guest, so when you do call, be sure to mention htv and you'll receive a bonus free month supply of procera avh. and i've also been told that for a limited time, we have do have some very nice free gifts for those who call today and try procera, including a free copy of the medically acclaimed book, 20/20 brainpower, with the program dr. nemiroff has recommends based upon the suggested mayo clinic guidelines for brain health and longevity. we also have trained representatives standing by that these folks are very happy to answer all of your questions. so if your concerned that those senior moments and bouts of forgetfulness are all too frequent, or maybe you're going
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back to school or changing careers, or you're a professional who needs a little more of that mental edge pick up the procera pick up the phone and you will find out how you can exactly get your free month supply. >and if you're just tuning in to us.. >i am patrice king brown and you are watching htv. and we've been talking about you or a loved one, perhaps a spouse or grandparent, who may have grown increasingly forgetful or frustrated or mentally confused and sombodys finally ready to do something about that memory loss and mental decline if so then todays show is just for you! i urge you to stay with us for the next few minutes because the information you're about to hear has changed lives and can change your life as well. my guest today is america's brain doctor, dr. paul nemiroff, he's a head and neck cancer surgeon he's also a doctor of psychology. and today we're discussing the new brain health phenomenon known as procera avh. so earlier in the show you made an analogy that procera avh can
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have the same effect on an older brain that prescription glasses have on older eyes. what did you mean by that? >>well thank you again for the introduction patrice. let me first say that just because our health changes as we get older, that doesn't necessarily mean that it has to stay that way. here's a good example. every year, millions of americans will schedule an annual checkup with their optometrist to correct their age-related changes in their vision. yet very few people are even aware that they can do something to help correct the age-related memory loss. > why is that? >>well it's because they simply didn't know that life can be different, but with procera they may now be able to do something about it. and that's important. give people chance give people hope.. >and how does procera avh make that foggy brain, sharp again? >>procera avh works by addressing some correctable conditions in the brain, which often can be associated with aging, stress, toxins, and medications. as we mentioned as we age, circulation to the brain is
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reduced for a number of reasons. this can have a serious effect. when blood flow to the brain is restricted, the supply of oxygen and nutrients needed for optimal brain function can be reduced. this has an immediate effect on mental alertness, your ability to concentrate and focus. it can also diminishes recall, which can reduce your short-term memory. >and what about stress? everybody's dealing with some form of stress, and over the course of many years it can really deplete reserves of those little neurotransmitters in the brain. and when the brain doesn't have enough of these specialized molecules, memory can suffers, mental acuity drops - your just not as sharp as you want to be.. and your ability to stay on-task is hampered. >what about all the toxins though too doctor in the environment? we hear about them all the time. how does that affect the brain >>well that's the third condition that procera avh addresses free radical and toxin damage. i call it, you know 'the bullies of the body.' referring to free radicals and these molecules can ricochet around the body wreaking havoc, they can affecting cellular health, and the health of entire organ
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systems, especially the brain. >so how long does procera take to start working well for you? >>well its going to vary but the clinical trial was done in 30 days so with procera in just a few weeks, you can feel more alert more mentally energized more productive with improved memory recall, its even been shown in clinical research to help improve your well being so you may actually feel better and improve your mood. >boy that is really good news. that people need this kind of thing, well we wanna thank you doctor. it looks like procera avh truly is a total brain formula and you know fustration, we've talked about that is a word that we often hear in association in memory loss, in mental decline and fear as well as we age, that we're not as in charge of our lives as we might want to be as we once were. especially when we age and people can no longer read sometimes. people can no longer comprehend all kinds of things that they've been reading. it takes longer its not as enjoyable and you worry about
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what you can do? >>and people can't read their favorite bibles passages any longer when there hearing there pasture's sunday sermin. >and that's a fear too because that's an important part of peoples lives. you want to have some control you know, we always say think about it as adults that we were in control and then we find ourselves we always joke about how the children eventually take over. we want to people as long an opportunity to be independent as they possibly can. >>and the fear loss of independence with mental decline, patrice is significant. whether it's fear that a spouse or their children will no longer allow them to make their own decisions. or perhaps they need to take the driver's test again and that's a big deal to seniors, they may be terrified that they may not pass may not be able to drive, and end up a prisoner in their own home. and its sad, and for many it just doesn't have to be that way. by simply doing certain things to improve brain health, like taking procera avh daily, or following some of the tips in the brain health book i recommend, 20/20 brain power, many things can turn around.
4:22 am
and you want to give people hope and this is something that can give you hope. >and you've mentioned earlier we were talking about people being& losing there independence, i know even my mother was very concerned about this when it came time for her too take her state drives test again and she wanted to be prepared and she wanted to study, she was really very very worried about it and she said " this is my inpendence" fortunately she passed. she passed. >now i'd like to take a minutes dr. nemiroff, and share a few, more letters. okay? from viewers that was sent to us from another procera user. and this one certainly applies to woman all the women who are watching. and many of us have experienced the effects of hormonal shifts and all that that can have on the brain. leah writes us leah's a 55-year-old college instructor from california, and she writes that, "hormones are at an all time high at our house! like many mothers of teenagers, i am going through menopause. i feel absent minded, had low energy, i couldn't make decisions, i could not concentrate on issues at work,
4:23 am
and had no patience at home." leah also wrote that, "i found taking procera noticeably helped with my short term memory". she goes on to say "because i felt more organized and in control, my mood improved, my patience deepened. and i credit procera with helping me get through some really very difficult times". >>those are some difficult times. yeah, so many women really struggle with brain fog and memory loss from hormonal changes throughout their lives, even after childbirth. and for many procera can really help. now, if you wouldn't mind,i'd like to put on my doctor hat again for a minute or two, if that's okay. > you go right ahead. >>thanks patrice. if your embarrassed when you forget a name that you've known years, or draw a complete blank on what you were going to say next, or worried that you may not have locked your doors at night - remember it's not your fault. as we grow older, these things can happen to all of us. but an increase in these senior moments is something that you
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should not take lightly. so, here's the bottom line. just as a great pair of glasses can sharpen your vision and bring the smallest detail into crystal-clear focus, just a few tablets a day of procera avh may help do the same thing for your brain. and it's healthy nutrition for your brain, not another medication. so why continue to struggle and forget your way another day, another week... when you may not have to? if you're 50 years old, wouldn't you love to feel and experience what your mind and memory were like when you were 35 again? well, now you have the chance! and it can happen in 30 days... or even less! the all-natural supplement procera avh is backed by peer-reviewed, clinical research that is solid. procera avh is so effective at rejuvenating aging brains that the united states patent and trademark office recently granted it a us patent. it has an unmatched safety profile and is used and recommended by medical doctors
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across the country. you know, i use procera avh, and i know it works - and it can make a noticeable difference in your lives. thank you. >thank you very much doctor, thank you for sharing your expertise and everyone here at htv appreciates you taking time out of your busy schedule to come and share this breaking and important news with us it's good news about how we can make a difference and change our lives it's a new break through for aging minds this information has been priceless. thank you very much. >>thank you, my pleasure. >and to those to you at home, let me add that procera avh can energize a tired mind and body. i've spoken to users i've read the letters for you, and we've had so many letters for many people it has helped sharpen the dullest of memories and the powers of recall, and it provides laser-like concentration so you can focus on any task, anytime. procera avh can help clear away those thick banks of brain fog so you can get more done during
4:26 am
the day, and maybe sleep better at night. you'll wake up to an alert, faster-thinking brain and feel more energized mentally and confident during the day. so if you're interested in how america's #1 brain health supplement, procera avh, can help improve your memory, your focus, your concentration, maybe even your mood. please pick up the phone and call the number on your screen, we've worked out a special arrangement with our guest, so that when you do call, be sure to mention htv and you'll receive a bonus free month supply of procera avh for a limited time, we have some very nice free gifts for those who call today and try procera, including a free copy of the medically acclaimed book, 20/20 brainpower, with that program dr. nemiroff talked about, based upon the suggested mayo clinic guidelines for brain health and longevity and we all want that. we also have trained representatives standing by they're willing to answer all of your questions. so if you are concerned that those senior moments or those bouts of forgetfulness are all too frequent, if you want to get
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back your mental edge, then you pick up the phone and call and find out how you can get your free months supply of procera. i want to thank you again for joining us and thank you doctor as well. i am patrice king brown and on behalf of everyone at htv, thank you for joining us. we hope you'll do it again soon, do it for your health! id say i have more energy now than i've had in a decade. i felt solid and i felt bright and alive, and energetic, and clear and focused. i feel terrific and um i can't wait to get into work in the morning. i feel great when i get up. there's not that foginess anymore. it's just been one of the best things i've done for myself in a very long time.
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